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New @ Suicide Dollz today! Lydia Dress. 

Comes in 5 standard sizes, with a texture change HUD to mix and match from your choice of 8 top and 6 bottom designs.

Event opens today!

The Master List - Discounts @ Mainstore!

This month's The Master List is up, and you can find some discounts at the + black moon + main store to go with it!

​Get the above featured items for 30% off, only at the main store! Look for The Master List logo next to the items! The Master List runs from 19DEC-3JAN!

<![CDATA[NEW @ Black Craft]]>Thu, 17 Dec 2015 01:20:40 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/new-black-craft
New! Attitude Skirt + Shirt outfit! Available at an introductory discounted price ONLY @ Black Craft!

Comes in 5 standard sizes + fitted mesh. Pack includes a texture change HUD to choose between four shirts, and four skirts.

+ Black Craft + Taxi

<![CDATA[Upcoming Events!]]>Tue, 08 Dec 2015 13:22:39 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/upcoming-eventsSales Events:

Exclusives Events:

<![CDATA[+ Black Craft + Open Today! NEW: Lilith Boots]]>Tue, 01 Dec 2015 10:56:21 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/-black-craft-open-today-new-lilith-boots
​Lilith Boots - Mesh boots that fit on Slink high feet. Three packs are available, and each one comes with a texture change HUD to choose between four options. Catch them on sale 40% only at + Black Craft +!

​First Round is now open !!! we have 13 AMAZING Stores with EXCLUSIVE items
don't forget to join the VIP Group and get your Gifts!

Taxi to the event!

<![CDATA[November 19th, 2015]]>Thu, 19 Nov 2015 19:02:34 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/november-19th-2015
New from + black moon + !

Sabbath Attire dress. Comes in five sizes, with a HUD to choose from four different dress patterns. Available now!

In-World Store
<![CDATA[Thigh High Socks!]]>Sat, 31 Oct 2015 02:37:45 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/thigh-high-socks
New! Thigh High socks. Two packs available!

Each pack comes with multiple system layers, as well as Omega appliers! This is my first time working with Omega, please let me know if you have any troubles! Not familiar with Omega appliers? Find more info here. See if your mesh parts are Omega compatible here!

Moving forward, + black moon + will be using Omega appliers whenever an applier is necessary!

Get your socks at the main store or on the marketplace!
<![CDATA[New! Noir Skirt+Shirt]]>Fri, 23 Oct 2015 20:59:26 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/new-noir-skirtshirt
New at + black moon +

Noir Skirt and Shirt outfit!~ Comes with a HUD to choose from four options for the tops and bottoms. Mix and match!

Available in the main store!
<![CDATA[Trick or Treat Tank @ Ghoul Fest Hunt!]]>Sat, 10 Oct 2015 13:07:42 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/trick-or-treat-tank-ghoul-fest-hunt
Ghoul Fest Hunt has started - October 9th-31st! You can pick up this cute Trick or Treat Tank from + black moon + there, and check out the 50% off sidewalk sale! Happy hunting!

Hint: Have a seat next to Frank.....

Click here for a Taxi to the event!
<![CDATA[Fairy Kei Outfit @ Sequin Sept 1-15]]>Tue, 01 Sep 2015 10:51:02 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/fairy-kei-outfit-sequin-sept-1-15
From September 1-15 you can head over to Sequin to get the Fairy Kei outfit! The panties are a free gift to those who visit the event, and the outfit is exclusive for the duration of the event!
<![CDATA[New! Cross Bracelets! Coming soon - Fairy Kei Outfit!]]>Tue, 18 Aug 2015 03:13:12 GMThttp://blackmoonsl.weebly.com/home/new-cross-bracelets-coming-soon-fairy-kei-outfitNew! Cross Bracelets
New! Rigged Mesh cross bracelets! Bracelets come with a Left version and Right version, and can change colors via the included HUD. 

Therefore, you cannot adjust the position of individual pieces.

But may work well with other SLINK hand poses or other hands,
Test it out, see if it works!
Please keep this in mind and try the demo on your hands before 

There are three parts of the bracelet that you can recolor:
1. The beaded part.
2. The cross part.
3. The gemstone on the ring.

Coming soon! Fairy Kei Outfit